How Did a 6-Year-Old Survive The Woods?

While doing some research, we ran across this inspirational story and wanted to share it with you.

In the Spring of 1986, Cody Sheehy -- then six-years-old -- got lost in the Wallowa County, Oregon woods while playing with his sister during a family picnic. What followed is a harrowing tale of a 14 to 20 mile hike through and out of the mountains into the Wallowa Valley during which he fell into a river, was chased by coyotes into a tree and sustained injuries that kept him in crutches for a week. But his tale of survival and the lessons he learned are an inspiration in this riveting post from Outside magazine.

Author Emma Marris visited Cody (now 39) this summer and retraced his steps through those same woods. It's an riveting story.  Click the link above to read the harrowing details.