5 Uses For The Brellapack You Probably Haven't Thought Of

Have you ever bought a pack and figured that you would just use it for hiking when the sun was shining? Did you ever think that your favorite pack could be the ocean-crossing adventure companion of choice? If these are the questions that keep you up at night or brought you to our blog, then you've come to the right place.

The Brellapack is unique in its ability to integrate technology, add a touch of convenience, and remain the rugged, feature-packed backpack that you would expect from our ThirtyFiveLines design geniuses. With our motto "worry less, explore more" in mind, we've gathered together five unique uses for the Brellapack.

#1. Get The Perfect Lighting For Your Stunning Photographic Shots. 

The beauty of the Breallapack is that it has a built-in umbrella. Why is this a beautiful thing? As any avid photographer will tell you, in-app filters are great, playing with Photoshop can be worth the painstaking hours of agony, but nothing is quite as important as the right lighting. For the days when the sun is shining too brightly, or you need just a touch of shade, the built-in umbrella will become as precious to you as your favorite travel camera.

#2. Enjoy Hiking In All Weather. 

Everyone loves to hike when the sun is shining, clouds are floating carelessly through the sky, and the perfect temperatures exist for the entire trail. However, the perfect conditions rarely occur, especially if you are traversing Texas, South Dakota, Montana, Oregon, or really anywhere that the weather can change in the blink of an eye. The good news is that the Brellapack was built for hiking in all types of natural conditions. Its waterproof exterior will keep your belongings dry, while its built-in umbrella will keep you dry.

#3. Win The MVP For Cheering During Soccer Matches. 

Whether you are a soccer dad, mom, aunt, uncle, cousin, or distant relation, cheering on your favorite players is more fun when you have the Brellapack. It features a hidden pocket for charging your must-have devices. The waterproof storage compartments are perfect for holding the post-game change of clothes or the bag of pistachios that you want to snack on in-between quarters. Did we mention the built-in umbrella that will be handy during day-long tournaments that require rain or shine play?

#4. Watch A Parade In The Shade. 

Parades are fun affairs; until the sun creates a rivulet of sweat down your back. The good news is that the Brellapack can offer some much-needed shade as you watch summer parades. Whether you choose to wear the pack and pop the umbrella up, or lean into the pack as you relax in the grass, one thing is certain, with the Brellapack at the ready watching parades in the summer heat just became significantly more enjoyable.

#5. Take An Impromptu Trip Overseas. 

Packing for an impromptu trip overseas can be a cumbersome task. Fortunately, the Brellapack is the ideal carry-on that helps you eliminate packing woes. Its waterproof exterior will keep your belongings dry. A hidden pocket for charging your devices will keep them secure and handy when you need them most. The padded laptop compartment will keep your device safe and protected as you traverse busy airports, train stations, and foreign cities. A built-in umbrella will keep you dry when the sky unexpectedly lets loose. Finally, the Brellapack is built for comfort, which means that you can worry less and explore more.

No matter where life takes you, the Brellapack is ready to help you enjoy your adventures to the fullest. Discover all of the perks of the ultimate backpack for yourself as you travel roads unknown, head to watch your favorite soccer players, or take an impromptu trip abroad.