Day...uhm.. wait how many days have we been in quarantine? It has been a long couple of months as COVID-19 has became a major factor in our everyday lives. Gym are close, parks are closed, living rooms have become classrooms, kitchens have become home offices. We've had to learn how to adjust our everyday lives and become teachers for our kids, leaders for out businesses, and how to be healthy at home. Here are 5 things to do with your family during quarantine.

1. Make Sidewalk Chalk Art 

Let their imaginations run free. Sidewalk chalk can be one way to keep their creative minds going. Have them draw their favorite superhero, practice writing their name, make a hopscotch game or maybe draw something encouraging for the front-line workers. When they have filled the sidewalk or drive way up, rinse it off and do it again. 

2. Go on a Family Hike or Walk 

Staying active is key during quarantine. Its easy to slack off on your daily exercise routine or keep those kiddos active while at home. Schedule a daily walk, hike, or bike ride with your family. This will keep you healthy, active, and will give you time to bond with your family.

3. Plant Flowers or Garden

As Spring rolls in and Summer is closely approaching, people are out doing their seasonal yard work. Mowing, pruning trees, planting flowers, and getting their gardens ready. You could use this time to teach your kids about different flowers and vegetables. Show them how to plant them, tell them when they need to plant them, how to keep them healthy and alive during the growing season. 

4. Have Family Game/Movie Night 

Once a week plan a family game night. Use this time to unwind from the work week and spend this time with your family. Order take out, play board games, and cherish the memories you are making. If you are not into board or card games, plan a family movie night instead.

5. Create Your Own Classroom 

While sticking to the things they will learn in school; add few life skills in there as well. Show them how to bake or sew. You may never get the chance to show them how to bake a cake from scratch or show them how to stitch a hole up in their shirt. Use this time at home to teach them little life skills and as they get older, they will realize how special that time was with you. 

As we all return to our busy lives and everything returns to "normal", don't stop doing these activities with your family. Keep building your bond with them. Instead of walks around the neighborhood, take them on a hike at a national park. Let them explore the beauty of nature. Keep teaching them little life hacks so they have those skills to pass down to their kids. These memories that you have made with your children will be with them for the rest of their lives. As your children get older, they will see how important it was to learn how to patch up a hold in their shirt or how to plant a small garden. It may seem like a small lesson you have taught them but, 20 years from now they will look back and see that you took the time to teach them those things and will cherish each and every memory you made with them. 

Stay safe & stay healthy.