5 Essential Items Every Backpacker Needs  

Hitting the trail with nothing more than your backpack is a thrilling component of a life spent in the great outdoors. Whether you are hiking for a few hours, or heading out overnight, there are a few quintessential items that you should always bring with you. From the right pack to a bug-killing lantern, the following list of five essential items will help you to be prepared no matter what mother nature throws your way.

#1. The Brellapack

The Brellapack succinctly integrates convenience, technology, rugged good looks, and comfort all into one design. It has a built-in umbrella for the moments when your quick jaunt in the sunshine turns into an unexpected deluge of rain in all directions. When the weather cooperates, the umbrella can also be used to help you capture stunning photographs. The Brellapack is also built for practically any type of weather, which means that your belongings will stay dry, your items will remain secure, and you can hike in peace knowing that you have everything you need to enjoy a day spent in nature.

#2. A 36 Ounce Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Every seasoned backpacker knows the joy of a refreshing sip of water after a strenuous upward climb on the trail. The good news is that a 36 ounce stainless steel insulated water bottle will keep your water cool and delectable all day long. Put your worries at ease knowing that you have the water supply you need to let your adventures take you to the highest peaks and into stunning valleys. Of course, if you prefer to hike in the early morning with a steaming cup of joe, then this insulated water bottle is a dream come true. Hot or cold, your beverage will be refreshing all day long.

#3. A Black / Charcoal Beanie

Warm summer nights quickly turn into chilly mornings, and cool fall days rapidly give way to frost-covered evenings. With a black / charcoal beanie you can stay warm, no matter the season. Whether you are backpacking to find fresh powder during the winter, or enjoying a fall excursion in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this one size fits most beanie is stylish, comfortable, warm, and perfect for the entire family.

#4. A Compass. 

Your smartphone's built in digital compass is great for the city trails, but a standard compass is a backpacking essential. This easy to use navigational tool will help to get you out of a bind, especially if you have a knack for losing the trail, trouble finding your friends at a remote campsite, or a joy for bushwhacking through the densest part of the woods. Don't forget to keep your compass safely stored and dry in your Brellapack for when you need it most.

#5. The Ultimate Wireless Waterproof Outdoor Lantern & Built In Bug Zapper

Avoid polluting the environment with harsh chemical-filled bug sprays. Instead, you can use this rugged waterproof outdoor lantern with a built in bug zapper to enjoy a mosquito-free outdoor experience. The lantern and integrated bug zapper features a rechargeable battery that can last up to 20 hours. It can easily be hung or stand upright to ensure that you have the light you need to see, without the pesky buzz or bites of mosquitos and other bugs.


Be prepared for all of your backpacking adventures with the above five essential items. Travel roads unknown, head to your favorite camping spots, or watch the sunrise from a new destination. No matter where you are heading, "worry less, explore more," and stay comfortable with 35Lines backpacking products.